Transfer to Junior School

Children normally transfer from the Infant School to Oatlands Junior School. There is an admissions procedure which cannot guarantee places at the Junior School but traditionally most families who wish to transfer are allocated places. Applications for a place at the Junior School are made through the North Yorkshire County Council Admissions office. There is close liaison between the two schools.  Members of staff meet regularly and engage in joint training sessions. The Year 2 children visit the Junior School on a number of occasions in their final year at the Infant School as a means of preparing them for their new school and familiarising them with the building, routines and staff.

Transition Timetable

  • 5th June - OJS leading an assembly to Y2 pupils
  • 11th June - Y3 teachers visiting Y2 classes
  • 12th June - Y3 teachers to meet with Y2 teachers about pupil outcomes
  • 13th June - Y2 teachers visiting Y3 classes
  • 13th June - OJS new parents evening with Y2 teachers attending
  • 20th June - OJS pupils to help with Sports Day
  • 25th June - Y2 teachers to meet Y3 teachers about classes
  • 27th June - Y2 pupils to visit OJS for the morning
  • 8th July - Y2 pupils to watch Y6 dress rehearsal
  • 11th July - Transition Day
Welcome to Oatlands Infant School