School Clubs

Calligraphy Club

Mrs Halsall runs calligraphy club, for Year Two children, on a Tuesday lunchtime.  Calligraphy is the art of beautiful handwriting.  The children use a special italic pen for calligraphy.  We begin by creating handwriting patterns.  The children then move on to forming lower and then uppercase letters in the italic style of calligraphy.  Children will enjoy using their new skills to write down poems, create greeting cards and invitations.

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School Newspaper Club

Mrs Shaw runs the school newspaper club, for Year Two children, on a Wednesday lunchtime.  The newspaper club will often write articles to go out with the school newsletter.


German Club

Mrs Whitehouse runs a German club, for Year Two children, on a Friday lunchtime.


Mindfulness Club

Miss Foy and Miss Haddon run the Mindfulness club on a Tuesday lunchtime for Year 2 and a Thursday lunchtime for Year 1.  During this time the children will learn about mindfulness including breathing techniques and yoga.


Singing Club

Singing club is after school on a Thursday  and run by Mrs Hunt.


MultiSports Club

This club is after school on a Wednesday during the summer months and run by Inspiration Tree. The club provides pupils with an opportunity to engage in high tempo structured multi-sports activities which will include set teaching drills, and fun learning games by a qualified coach.


Lego Club

Inspiration Tree run a Lego after school club on Wednesday during the winter months. Their clubs explore, science, technology, architecture, engineering and art concepts using LEGO® bricks. The possibilities are limited only by the children's imagination. Beginning with a short talk from our instructor regarding the themed week and time to get to know the equipment, pupils work individually or in groups to construct their models at their own pace and in similar ability levels coming together in the latter part of the club to construct a joint model.

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