Red Kites

Welcome to Red Kites’ Class!

Class Teacher: Miss Fulford



Welcome to Year 2

We plan to have a great year!


General Information

Home Readers

We aim to read with your child twice a week in a guided reading session. Please enjoy reading the home reader together and initial in the comments section of your child’s planner.


Phonics and Spelling

Continuing from Year1, Year2 have a daily phonics input. Each Monday they have a spelling quiz based on the weeks learning.


Mental Maths

Each Monday the children will have a mental maths quiz alongside their spelling quiz.



  • Monday – this term we will be focusing on team games.



Our library day is Friday. If any parents are able to volunteer to assist with this, then please contact the office or Mr Straughan.

Easter hats and Bonnets

We really enjoyed our Easter Parade and hope you enjoyed it too! There were wonderful hats and bonnets worn by everyone. We sang lots of songs about the festival of Easter during our assembly. Which one did you like best? 



Derek and Roger brought thousands and thousands of lego bricks to school. We had a challenge of building our own houses with a garden. We then put all of our structures together to build a huge lego city.



Today we were visited by Zoolab. They brought lots strange, exotic and wonderful animals into school. All of the animals were friendly and none of them tried to eat us! There was a tarantula, a giant millipede, a giant snail, a boa constrictor snake and even a rat called Max! Some of them are originally from the rain forests of Africa - we've been learning lots about the continent of Africa. 




Zoolab animals

British Science Week 2019

This year the theme is 'Journeys'. Our investigation was based upon the magical powers of Roald Dahl's Matilda. In the book, Matilda can magically move things without touching them. We investigated static electricity to see if we could lift a tissue paper newt!

British Science Week 2019

Larchfield Manor

To promote links with the local community we have taken the children to visit the residents of Larchfield Manor. We took games to play and books to read. We had a lovely time getting to know the residents and they loved the time that they spent with the children.

Larchfield Manor

World Book Day

As ever the children had a fabulous time dressing up as characters from their favourite books. We talked about the books we liked to read and we even had a team quiz about characters from traditional tales!

World Book Day

World Book Day 1

Thackray Medical Museum

We had a brilliant time at the museum! We dressed as porters and nurses and did lots of role play - bandaging wounded soldiers, cleaning the hospital, scrubbing the floors and even emptying the bedpans!






Big Cats


This half term our topic is Big Cats. We will be creating artwork based upon the African Savannah. We will learn how to write a non-fiction report then write our own report all about an African big cat. In design technology we will research the habitat of a big cat and then design and build the habitat which will include sliding and winding elements. In geography we will learn all about the different Savannah habitats of the world. As part of our Religious Education work we had a full day were we learned about lots of religions. In maths we will learn about fractions of shapes, groups and numbers.


Weekly Timetable

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Mason is a very experienced High Level Teaching Assistant. She will work with children from our class between Monday and Thursday. On a Tuesday afternoon she takes the class while Mr Straughan has non-contact time to allow him to plan and prepare next steps for the children.

We hope you all have a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing you back on Tuesday 3rd September.