PTA Events

The PTA organise a number of events over the year.  Here are a list of events planned for 2019-2020:

3rd Oct

Reception Welcome Evening

4th Oct

Hedgehogs Cake Sale

18th Oct

Otters Cake Sale

21st Oct

Bedtime Stories

23rd Oct

Halloween Disco

8th Nov

Koalas Cake Sale

21st Nov

PTA Meeting

22nd Nov

Pandas Cake Sale

6th Dec

Donkeys Cake Sale

8th Dec

Christmas Fair

12th Dec

Bedtime Stories

10th Jan

Turtles Cake Sale

24th Jan

Dolphins Cake Sale

6th Feb

PTA Meeting

7th Feb

Red Kites Cake Sale

13th Feb

Valentines Disco

28th Feb

Penguins Cake Sale

17th Mar

Bedtime Stories

28th Mar

Easter Fun Day

3rd April

Ice Lolly Sale

30th April

PTA Meeting

5th June

Ice Lolly Sale

13th June

Bed Race

15th June

Bedtime Stories

3rd July

Ice Lolly Sale

17th July

Ice Lolly Sale


We understand that organising an event can be a bit daunting when you first start but we have produced some information to help you get started with each event.  If you require any further support you are more than welcome to contact the committee on

Our school is currently closed to the majority of pupils. Please contact us by email if required