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What is a parent forum?

A parent forum or council is where a representative group of parents and carers from across the school meet regularly, with a governor as chair, the Headteacher and, as required, relevant staff present, to seek views on a range of issues relating to school life. It offers a wonderful opportunity to contribute to policy making and to play a part in improving childrens’ learning and experience at school.


What does the forum do?

We have parents from across all year groups as forum members.   A governor chairs the forum (currently Rachel Hartley) and Mrs Anderson also attends.  The key responsibility of parent members is to seek feedback and suggestions on a range of topics from as many parents as possible in their respective class/year group.  Parent members then represent the views of parents at forum meetings and report back on the work of the forum as appropriate to parents.  Forum meetings take place once a term, and other parents or teachers can be invited to attend, if useful for a specific agenda item.  Matters for consideration can be raised by the Governing Body and by parents themselves via the parent representatives or by using the parent forum email. The agenda and minutes of each meeting are available to all on the school website.


What does the forum not do?

It is important to note that the forum is not a decision making body; it is there to gather, discuss and exchange views. It will not discuss anything relating to individual pupils, parents or school staff; any such issues should be raised by the parent concerned with the relevant teacher, or Headteacher as appropriate. It is also not appropriate for specific complaints to be raised in the forum – it is important that any parent who has a complaint follows the school’s complaints procedure.

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