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Welcome to Year 1


General Information



Our Library session is on a Wednesday morning.  If you would like to volunteer to help the children change their books, it would be greatly appreciated!


Home Readers

We aim to hear each child read twice a week.  This is usually during Guided Reading, when they will change their book to take home.  The new book is written in their planner and a member of staff will write which aspect of reading we are working on.  Please listen to, or read to, your child daily.



Otters have PE on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday afternoons.  Please ensure PE kits are in school with weather appropriate clothing, thank you.



Phonics is taught daily as a whole class and activities are provided to support new learning as well as deepen children's understanding.  Spellings are set on a Monday and we have a Spelling Quiz for those spellings the following week.  The spellings set follow the sound or rule that the children are learning that week.

Number Bonds

Number Bonds 1
Number Bonds 2
Number Bonds 3
Number Bonds 4
This week in Maths we have been learning all about number bonds for numbers up to 10, concentrating on the number 10 in particular.  A number bond is the idea of a number being made of 'parts' which links to the resource we use, a 'Part-Part-Whole' model. For example, if 10 were the whole number then 6 and 4 could be the parts.  It is a really useful skill for the children to know number bonds to 10 off by heart as they can apply this when using larger numbers in the future.  Otters enjoyed finding the matching number bonds in class.  

Well-being Day

Otters have had a fantastic well-being day!  We started off by getting comfy on the carpet and listening to an Autumn story.  We then discussed confidence and the children made posters all about how fantastic they are.  After this, Otters went in to the hall for their yoga session which was lots of fun.  All the positions were linked to the story of Stick Man which we have previously based our English work on.  Next, we went outside and collected leaves, sticks, acorns etc to use on our Autumn pictures.  Finally, we had a mindfulness workshop where we practised listening, grounding and breathing activities which can all help to keep us calm and focused.  In the afternoon, we made 'Buddy Books' where the children wrote positive messages about each other to look at when we are feeling a little down.

Sentence Stacker - All About Me Fact File

Sentence Stacker - All About Me Fact File 1
When learning about each text type in English, we create a class version on our 'Sentence Stacker'.  This helps the children to see what their final piece should look like as well as being an opportunity to display their fantastic ideas.  Over the past two weeks, Year 1 have been learning about fact files and have written one to link with our topic, 'All About Me'.  Otters have worked really hard on these and have enjoyed learning about the features of non-fiction texts.

Taste Test

Taste Test 1
Taste Test 2
Taste Test 3
Taste Test 4
This week in Science we have been testing our taste buds and identifying if a food is sweet, salty, sour or bitter.  The children tried strawberries, crisps, lemon and dark chocolate.  We had mixed responses to the different tastes - particularly the lemon!


Senses 1
Senses 2
Senses 3
Senses 4
Senses 5
Senses 6
Otters have been learning about their senses in Science this week.  We have tested each of our five senses through different activities: touch using a 'feely bag'; taste when eating fruit; hearing through making different noises down a tube; sight when looking through magnifying glasses and smell sniffing hidden ingredients in cups.  We linked our learning with English, describing what we were experiencing using adjectives.  It was lots of fun! 

Stick Man

Stick Man 1
Stick Man 2
Stick Man 3
Stick Man 4
While covering the topic 'This is Me', Otters have been looking at our families.  To link with this, we have been following the story 'Stick Man' where his adventures take him back to his family.  During an Experience Day in English, the children made their own stick person who they then described using lots of different adjectives.

Our First Week!

Our First Week! 1
Our First Week! 2
Our First Week! 3
Otters have had a fantastic first week in Year 1!  I have been so impressed with how grown up the children have been and everyone has worked so hard.  In Maths we have been learning about numbers to 10 and have practised showing numbers in different ways, including using tens frames and cubes.
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