Welcome to Otters Class!

Class Teacher: Miss Foy



Welcome to Year 1


General Information



Our Library session is on a Wednesday morning.  If you would like to volunteer to help the children change their books, it would be greatly appreciated!


Home Readers

We aim to hear each child read twice a week.  This is usually during Guided Reading, when they will change their book to take home.  The new book is written in their planner and a member of staff will write which aspect of reading we are working on.  Please listen to, or read to, your child daily.



Otters have PE on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday afternoons.  Please ensure PE kits are in school with weather appropriate clothing, thank you.



Phonics is taught daily as a whole class and activities are provided to support new learning as well as deepen children's understanding.  Spellings are set on a Monday and we have a Spelling Quiz for those spellings the following week.  The spellings set follow the sound or rule that the children are learning that week.

Splash the Otter

Splash the Otter 1
Finn and his mummy used a 3D printer to make the class an otter!  It took over 9 hours to make and Finn has called him 'Splash'.  Thank you so much, Finn!


Postcards 1
Postcards 2
Postcards 3
After all of our learning about Peru,  Otters shared their postcards with Koalas Class.  We taught the Koalas lots of facts about Peru and we look forward to receiving our postcards from the Hedgehogs in Canada!
We have had a brilliant Airport Day!  Otters had a relaxing flight to Peru - luckily with no turbulence - before they enjoyed some Peruvian snacks on landing.  We then did some sight-seeing, describing the amazing tourist attractions such as Machu Picchu.  We shared what we had brought in our suitcases, followed by lunch.  Before flying home, we learnt about the Peruvian flag and found out some interesting facts about the country.  Luckily, we made it back to Oatlands Airport in time for assembly where we shared our experiences!
On Friday 21st June, Otters went on a class trip to Ripley Castle and Gardens.  This linked our last two topics of 'Come on England' and 'How does your garden grow?' through learning about the history of our local area, as well as plants and trees.  We all had a fantastic time and learnt lots about the famous kings and queens that visited Ripley, along with spotting flowers and trees that we knew.

Measuring Time

Measuring Time 1
Measuring Time 2
Measuring Time 3
In Maths this week we have been learning how to measure time.  We have been using stopwatches to time how quickly or slowly we can complete different activities such as star jumps, writing our name and running races.  It is lots of fun!

Plants and Trees

To link in with our topic of 'Gardens' this term, Otters have been learning about plants and trees in Science.  This week, we learnt about some of the features of plants and trees then sorted pictures in to the two groups.  Everyone worked nicely together and we had some interesting discussions.

Rainbow Fish

Rainbow Fish 1
Mrs Parr helped Otters to create a fabulous Rainbow Fish for the Library display.  The display will have a story character chosen by each class.  It looks fantastic and Otters were very proud of their contribution.

Science Investigation

Following on from our learning around The Queen's Hat in English, Otters carried out an investigation in to which material would make the best crown.  As a class we decided that the perfect crown had to be comfortable and pretty.  The children chose to make one crown out of paper, another out of fabric and one out of tin foil.  After making them we tried each one on and had a vote.  The majority of the class voted that the tin foil crown was the best as it was both shiny and strong.
Otters had their first tennis lesson this week and everybody did so well!  All of the class listened beautifully and the coaches commented on how much they had remembered from last year.

Measuring in Maths

Measuring in Maths 1
Measuring in Maths 2
Measuring in Maths 3
Otters are having an excellent first week of the Summer Term and the last in Year 1! We have been using balance scales to measure and compare weight and mass.  We have used non-standard units - such as multilink - to weigh objects from around the classroom, using 'heavier' and 'lighter' to describe and compare the objects.  It has been lots of fun!

Easter Parade

Easter Parade 1
The Easter Parade was enjoyed by everyone and their bonnets looked fantastic! Thank you to all of the parents for so much effort in making them.
Otters loved Lego Morning!  The children were taught how to make a house using layering of bricks and creating triangles to use for the roof.  Everyone was split in to groups of eight, within each group the children worked in pairs to build their houses and gardens.   All of the designs were then put on an exhibition table to create a Lego City! 


Computing 1
Computing 2
Computing 3
Otters have really enjoyed learning how to use the laptops over the last few weeks.  We have been really good at turning them on/off properly, logging on and using PurpleMash to practise our maths skills.

Model Animals

Otters have been making model animals in class.  We have used Lego, Mobilo and clay.  We practised shaping the clay using our hands, using tools to make patterns and water to connect pieces together.  Everyone has done a fabulous job and we have some fantastic models.

Larchfield Manor

Otters Class have now all been to visit the residents at Larchfield Manor care home.  We enjoyed getting to know the people who lived there, reading to them and joining in with some colouring.  We look forward to visiting again in the future!

Length and Height

This week, Otters have been learning how to measure length and height.  We first of all compared lengths and heights by using the language longer, shorter and taller.  We then measured smaller objects using non-standard units, e.g. cubes, dienes etc.  We then measured longer objects using our feet and hands.  Finally, we have moved on to using rulers and centimeters to measure more accurately.  It is a lot of fun!

World Book Day!

World Book Day! 1
World Book Day! 2
World Book Day! 3
Otters loved celebrating World Book Day! Not only did they come in dressed as a chosen character but they wrote a book review about their favourite book as well as having a visit from Stray FM in the afternoon!  At the end of the day, Mrs Shaw came in to class to read the children a selection of stories.

Bouncy Eggs!

Testing the bouncy egg...

Still image for this video
In Science we have been carrying out lots of investigations involving food.  A few weeks ago we put an egg in each of three jars containing malt vinegar, white vinegar and water.  Otters predicted what would happen, suggestions including the eggs exploding and changing colour.  Nobody predicted that the eggs in vinegar would actually turn bouncy!  It was fun testing them but also a little bit smelly!

The Write Stuff

The Write Stuff 1
The Write Stuff 2
The Write Stuff 3
As part of our English learning about Handa's Surprise, Otters tasted oranges in order to describe their taste.  We came up with fantastic adjectives such as silky, delicious, sour and spectacular! The adjectives were then used in sentences to describe the fruit in Handa's basket.

Handa's Surprise Experience Day

Handa's Surprise Experience Day 1
Handa's Surprise Experience Day 2
Handa's Surprise Experience Day 3
Otters had an Experience Day where we learnt all about Kenya; we looked at which animals lived there, what food is eaten, the landscape and watched a clip of some African dancers.  Some of us then had a turn playing the drums whilst the rest copied the dance moves.  We all had a lot of fun!

Jigsaw in PSHE

Jigsaw in PSHE 1
Jigsaw in PSHE 2
In PSHE we have started to use a scheme called Jigsaw.  The scheme has a focus on mindfulness whilst also teaching the children all about being healthy, safe and an active member of their community.  In this week's lesson, Otters were learning about objects found at home.  We sorted them in to which rooms they would be found in and then discussed if they were safe or if we needed to be very careful around them.  Objects included keys, cleaning products, a piggy bank, scissors and medicine bottles.

Healthy Food in DT

This week Otters have been making fruit kebabs to link in with our topic of 'Food, Glorious, Food!' We learnt about hygiene and washing our hands before starting, how to cut up the fruit then place it on the kebab stick carefully and finally we got to eat them!  We all had a fantastic time.

Experience Days

Experience Days 1
Experience Days 2
Experience Days 3
Experience Days 4
Otters have enjoyed two Experience Days in English over the past couple of weeks.  As we have been learning about 'The Last Stop on Market Street', the children role-played a bus journey.  We discussed waiting at the bus stop, telling the bus driver where you would like to go, handing over the money and receiving your ticket, as well as ringing the bell when approaching your destination.  We then talked about who we might see on a bus; grandparents, teenagers, mums with pushchairs, parents and children etc.  Some members of the class sat in the 'hot seat'; they chose a character to act as and the rest of the class asked them questions such as, 'What is your name?' and 'Where are you going today?', then the child in the hot seat had to respond as their chosen character.  Everyone had fantastic imaginations and we met some interesting characters including Kevin from New York who was visiting England to go to Lego Land!

Adding Numbers to 20

Adding Numbers to 20 1
Adding Numbers to 20 2
Adding Numbers to 20 3
Adding Numbers to 20 4
This week Otters have finished learning about adding numbers up to 20.  We have learnt how to add using a number line by counting on, as well as using tens frames to make 10 first.

First Week Back

Otters have had a fantastic first week back after Christmas.  We have been taught by Inspiration Tree in PE and have practised different key skills such as hopping and balancing. We have also made New Year's resolutions, started our new topic of 'Food, Glorious Food!' and have acted as kings and queens during French.


Christmas 1
Christmas 2

We had a special visitor on our last day of term! Father Christmas came to deliver us all some presents.  We were delighted to receive Mr Men books.


Otters have had a fantastic, successful first term in Year 1 - well done everyone!


Nativity! 1
We all had a lot of fun singing in the nativity.  Our favourite song was 'We Three Kings' and we really enjoyed dressing up in our party clothes with all of the tinsel!

Tree Planting

This week Otters have planted three trees in the environmental area.  This is part of a long-term project to create a small woodland which will allow us to become a forest school.  The area will be used for various outdoor activities which will broaden the children's skills and experiences.  We are all excited to see the trees grow!  A big thank you to Mrs Shepherd for leading the planting and teaching Otters so much about it.


Materials 1
Materials 2
Materials 3
Materials 4
This week we have continued our learning about materials in Science.  We linked our learning to Maths and used a Venn diagram to sort objects in to groups, depending on the material they were made from.  We have also started learning about shapes in Maths which we all have been enjoying!

Materials Hunt

During Science this week we have started learning about materials, linking with our topic of 'Toys'.  We went on a materials hunt around school and made a tally of what we found.  Back in class we analysed our findings which showed us that wood, plastic and metal were the most common materials in our school.

Bonfire Poem

Bonfire Poem 1
Since returning after the half term holiday, Otters have been learning all about poetry in English lessons.  We have used our senses - which we learnt all about last half term - to write a descriptive poem about a bonfire/firework display.  The sentence stacker is a collaboration of our work, creating our very own class bonfire poem.

Our first half term


Otters have had a very busy first half term.  The children have settled in to Year 1 brilliantly and have been working very hard!


As our topic has been 'All About Me' we enjoyed painting portraits and learning how to mix colours.  We have had a look at our class tree and spotted early signs of autumn.  We had a lot of fun exploring using our senses in Science and even more fun following instructions to make a jam sandwich in English!


In PE, we challenged ourselves by balancing on different apparatus. At the end of the half term, we had a walk around our local area looking for human and physical features; we noticed that there were many more signs of autumn. As well as this we posted our post cards that we had written, telling our parents about our learning.

We hope you all have a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing you back on Tuesday 3rd September.