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Welcome to Year 1


General Information



Our Library session is on a Wednesday morning.  If you would like to volunteer to help the children change their books, it would be greatly appreciated!


Home Readers

We aim to hear each child read twice a week.  This is usually during Guided Reading, when they will change their book to take home.  The new book is written in their planner and a member of staff will write which aspect of reading we are working on.  Please listen to, or read to, your child daily.



Otters have PE on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday afternoons.  Please ensure PE kits are in school with weather appropriate clothing, thank you.



Phonics is taught daily as a whole class and activities are provided to support new learning as well as deepen children's understanding.  Spellings are set on a Monday and we have a Spelling Quiz for those spellings the following week.  The spellings set follow the sound or rule that the children are learning that week.

Your Home Learning

Daphne has been having lots of fun and interesting adventures over the last few weeks - a colour hunt in the woods, flying to the moon in a rocket ship, doing acrobatics in the paddling pool, and befriending a little hedgehog in our garden. She has named her Henrietta! But most amazing of all, Daphne has learnt how to ride her bike without stabilisers.  Well done, Daphne!

While We Can't Hug

A little story to give you some ideas of how to connect with friends and family while you can't give them a hug.

Your Home Learning

Edo has been doing his home learning and learning to tell the time using a clock he made.  He has also been crafting, gardening, playing in his paddling pool and making special meals for his parents - they look yummy! Best of all, Edo has got a brand new super cool bike with gears! It is very grown up, Edo.

Emily-Rose has been reading the 'Fantastically Great Women' series of books and now has the whole set! Inspired, Emily-Rose signed up to a webinar all about Frida Khalo and was taught how to create her own Frida Khalo painting.  Along with this, Emily-Rose planted some acorns and now has two baby oak trees.  Let me know how you get on with growing them!

Picture 1
Stanley made a 'Tower of Doom' from cardboard boxes and it is nearly touching the roof! Great name, Stanley!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Lily has made some beautiful garden art.  I miss you all too!

MakeTime2Play App

Some of you may have already discovered this app but I thought it was worth sharing as I think it is fantastic!  It gives you lots and lots of simple activities to try at home that require minimal equipment.  You can select the appropriate age, how many participants (brilliant for children who don't have siblings), if you would like to play indoors or outdoors and even which 'need' you would like to meet.  For example, if your child is struggling emotionally, there are activities that can help them.


Below is the link and some pictures to show you what to expect.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Your Home Learning

Your Home Learning 1
Your Home Learning 2
Your Home Learning 3
Your Home Learning 4
Lily has been spending a lot of time on her bike and scooter as well as playing with her big sister.  Lily has also been doing some maths outside - finding objects in the garden, measuring them and adding their lengths together.  Well done, Lily.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
I am so impressed by Stanley's Brio train tracks, they look very complicated!  He has even made his own tunnel!  Stanley has also been enjoying playing with his brother in the woods.
Picture 1
Alex has been making more beautiful crafts, including these lovely hot air balloon wind chimes.  
Emily-Rose has created pictures showing the signs of each season.  Your handwriting is beautiful, Emily-Rose - I can tell that you have been working hard on it!  Well done smiley
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Penelope has been taking her dog for walks, making a lovely bunting for VE Day, creating bright rainbows for the NHS and a beautiful flower.  Fantastic, Penelope!
Daphne has progressed with her sewing skills and made a dress!  It is beautiful, Daphne!  Shall I place an order for mine now!?  Daphne has also been following instructions carefully to build Lego models.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Elliott has been out scooting near his house and looking for painted rocks, apparently there are lots and a really big one on Leeds Road!  I will keep my eye out for it, Elliott.  I think Miss Haddon would particularly like this one!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Alex has finished reading 'The Folks of the Faraway Tree' and thoroughly enjoyed it.  He has been making some crafts including a dog keyring and animal bookmarks which he has been giving away as presents to family and neighbours.  That will definitely put a smile on their faces, Alex!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Lily has finished reading the first Harry Potter book and has written a book review for it.  She has also been doing some maths challenges each day.  You've been working very hard, Lily! Well done.


Emily-Rose has been having help with her learning from her Grandma, using FaceTime to speak to her friends, clapping for the NHS every Thursday, enjoying ice-lollies in the sunshine and helping to prepare family meals.  It sounds like you have been very busy, Emily-Rose!

Bella and Florence have had a very special time with it being their birthday!  The cake looks delicious girls and your tent is amazing!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Sadie has been making giant bubbles on the Stray as well as making beautiful unicorn cakes.  She has also posted pictures of rainbows to family and friends - that is really thoughtful, Sadie.
Picture 1
Stanley has taken part in a castle building competition against his brother, using recycled materials.  Your castle is fantastic, Stanley. I hope you won - don't tell Archie!

Rainy Day Activities

With the weather taking a turn, we thought it might be useful to have some ideas to keep you entertained on rainy days.  Below is a list of 50 different activities you can do at home when it is wet outside, along with a Lego Challenge that suggests something new for you to build every day for 30 days!

Picture 1
Picture 2


There are some really lovely videos to follow along with available on the Internet, teaching you how to draw.  Below are two links that are proving popular. The first is 'Draw with Rob' who is an artist and the second is 'Bluebellgray' who is an artist and interior designer, she films Instagram Live videos which are only ten minutes long and keeps them on her 'Highlights' for you to access anytime.

Time Capsule

An activity you might like to try over the coming weeks is making your own time capsule.  You can include the pages below or fill it with photos and things that you have made during your time at home, to look back on when you are older.

More Useful Links

Easter Activity Ideas

Your Home Learning

Your Home Learning 1
Elliott has made a fantastic robot with his Dad, to have as a friend during his time at home.  He has also written an exciting story which you can read below.  Look out for some familiar characters!  Well done, Elliott!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Alex has completed four extremely tricky jigsaws with his Mum, although he finished the doughnut one by himself!  On his daily walk, Alex has been checking on some tadpoles which he says are getting bigger and wriggling more.  He has also found out some interesting facts about castles which you can see below.  Thank you, Alex!
Picture 1
Picture 2
I was pleased to hear that Daphne has taken up a new hobby.  She has been learning to sew and has created some beautiful designs, including a dress.  Daphne would now like to be a famous dress designer, like her great Aunty who was the head costume designer at Madame Tussaud's!  Hopefully I will be able to wear one of your designs in the future, Daphne smiley
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Lily has been helping her daddy with DIY over the Easter holidays as well as making an exercise course using chalk on the pavement and having a picnic with Olly the Otter - lovely, Lily!
Picture 1
Jemima went for a walk on the Stray and wrote down a list of adjectives and adverbs, then she made them in to a poem.  I was particularly impressed that Jemima wrote the email to tell me about it all by herself! Well done smiley
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Annie made a beautiful Easter bonnet over the Easter weekend.  She has also worked hard on creating her family tree and has been for long walks where she has collected sticks to make scarecrows. It looks like you've had so much fun, Annie!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Renée has planted seeds and recorded what has happened each day.  Beautiful drawings and handwriting, Renée.  And thank you for my card - I may have shed a tear!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Verity, Constance and Ophelia have been making animals from toilet rolls, learning about Red Pandas via Chester Zoo livestream, tap dancing, baking and doing PE via FaceTime with mum's PT! That all sounds amazing girls!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Penelope has been busy baking and completing her work.  I am looking forward to reading my letter!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Emily-Rose turned 6! She was spending it going for a bike ride and playing on her new tablet.  She also got a new pet - do pandas make good pets, Emily-Rose!?
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Bella and Florence have been very busy with Lego challenges, crafting with papier-mâché 
and both getting wobbly teeth!  Oscar has been joining in too smiley
Picture 1
Picture 2
Lily and Olly the Otter have been baking brownies and planting pansies.  Lily has reported that she loves the maths activities - good work, Lily!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Thomas has been playing 'Obb and Bob' from his learning pack as well as getting a new puppy!  They will definitely keep you busy over the next few weeks, Thomas smiley
Picture 1
Picture 2
Stanley has been planting M&S seeds and has written a letter to Hannes!  That's a lovely idea, Stanley!
Picture 1
Sadie has been taking part in her online karate class - fantastic effort, Sadie!
Picture 1
It has been lovely to see some of your home learning activities!  Here, Alex has built a sandcastle, made a flag for it and even filled the moat with water.  Can any of you find some interesting facts about castles?
Picture 1
Picture 2

Daphne and her little brother have been busy making puppets and a fabulous theatre!  Daphne has apparently reported that her supply teacher is doing a great job - I am sure you all are, so keep up the good work heart

For those wishing for extra activities and support with writing and maths, below are the links to two websites that we use in school.  The first, The Write Stuff, is how we structure our English lessons and the creator of the scheme is delivering daily writing lessons for all ages via Youtube.  They begin at 9.45am each day.  The second, White Rose Maths, allows you to choose the necessary year group and gives you videos to watch followed by questions to answer.  This will be at 10am every day.  I hope these are helpful!

Islam in RE

Islam in RE 1
Islam in RE 2
Year 1 were lucky enough to have Mrs Mohamed in school during our RE lesson to teach us about Islam and what it means to her to belong to a faith community.  She showed us her copy of the Qur'an and a beautiful prayer mat.  Everyone listened very carefully.

Mass and Weight

Mass and Weight 1
Mass and Weight 2
Mass and Weight 3
Mass and Weight 4
Mass and Weight 5
In Maths, we have been using balancing scales and cubes to measure how heavy an object is.  We made sure the scales were balanced to begin with and that we only added one cube at a time until the scales were equal again.

Bridge Challenge

Otters were set the challenge of creating a bridge in DT.  The bridge was to be made out of only newspaper and tape and had to hold a toy car.  The class worked well in their groups and we all had a lot of fun testing the bridges at the end!  We learnt that the thicker the newspaper, the stronger the bridge would be but that it also needed securing carefully.

World Book Day!

World Book Day! 1

Liz Million Visit

Liz Million Visit 1
Liz Million Visit 2
Liz Million Visit 3
Liz Million Visit 4
The whole school thoroughly enjoyed the visit from author and illustrator, Liz Million.  We all thought that she was very funny and excellent at teaching us how to draw African animals, to link with our learning of 'A Wonderful World'.  
Otters have had a fantastic first week back after half term.  We all really enjoyed the Mini First Aid session where we learnt what to do if we had a bleeding cut, bumped head or if someone had fainted.


RE 1
RE 2
RE 3
As part of our RE topic, 'Belonging', we visited St Mark's church and acted out a christening.  We learnt that christenings are special for Christians as this is when they are welcomed in to God's family.  We had a 'vicar', 'parents', 'god parents' and 'baby William'!  We witnessed the candles being lit, William getting the holy water poured over his head and being given his own candle to symbolise Jesus being the light of the world.

Numbers to 50

Numbers to 50 1
Numbers to 50 2
Numbers to 50 3
Numbers to 50 4
This week we have started learning about numbers up to 50.  We counted forwards and backwards from different numbers on a number line.  We then went outside in Geography, to read the temperature on a thermometer and we compared it to the temperature inside. We found the difference by counting on.

Australia Day

Australia Day 1
Otters had a fantastic Australia Day, raising money to help the animals suffering due to the bush fires.  Thank you for your generous donations.  

Guess the Season

Guess the Season 1
Guess the Season 2
In Geography, we are learning about the weather and seasons.  We played a game where we had to guess the season from a clue and give our reasons why we thought it was that season.  Everyone did very well explaining their thoughts.

Fur, Feathers and Fins

Fur, Feathers and Fins 1
Fur, Feathers and Fins 2
Fur, Feathers and Fins 3
Fur, Feathers and Fins 4
Fur, Feathers and Fins 5
Otters have had a fantastic first day back after the Christmas holiday!  We have started our next topic, learning about animals.  We discussed which animals we already knew and were introduced to the different animal groups: mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds and insects.  Everyone had a go at sorting pictures of animals in to the group they belonged to.  We will continue to learn about each of these groups over the coming weeks.

Sorting Old and New Toys

Otters have discussed what their parents and grandparents used to play with, along with what children like to play with nowadays.  We then used picture cards to sort toys in to old and new.
This week Otters completed their Jack-in-the-Box models.  They then had to evaluate their model and compare it against their plan to see if they had followed it carefully.  We discussed what we would do better next time.

Acts of Kindness Calendar

Acts of Kindness Calendar 1
Acts of Kindness Calendar 2
Over the past week, Otters have had an act of kindness to carry out each day.  This is an alternative to the usual advent calendar and the class have loved telling me all about the kind things they have done.

Victorian Day

Victorian Day 1
Victorian Day 2
Victorian Day 3
We had a brilliant time on Victorian Day!  Otters started off in the 'school room' with a very strict Miss Foy, using an abacus and chalk boards to write down their times tables.  They then played Victorian playground games with Mrs Sparkes, carried out 'below the stairs' tasks including shoe shining with Mrs Shephard and washing up with Mrs Halsall.  We all agreed it was much better being a child nowadays!

Sorting Materials

Sorting Materials 1
Sorting Materials 2
During our topic of 'Toys', Otters have been looking at the materials from which toys are made.  In Science we sorted objects in to a Venn diagram, depending on what material they were made from.  We had some interesting discussions about where to place objects made from more than one material.

Children in Need

Otters have had a lovely day raising money for Children in Need.  Everyone enjoyed wearing spots and bright colours and were very thankful for the delicious Pudsey biscuits!  We learnt about what the money raised gets spent on.

Pinocchio Experience Day

Pinocchio Experience Day 1
Pinocchio Experience Day 2
Pinocchio Experience Day 3
After our week of writing a bonfire poem, Otters will now be learning the steps to writing a story based on the popular tale of 'Pinocchio' as our topic this half term is 'Toys'.  To start the topic, we looked at different types of puppets and watched a shadow puppet show.  We then used puppets to create our own stories - focusing on having a beginning, middle and end.  We performed our shows to the rest of the class.

Bonfire Experience Day

Bonfire Experience Day 1
Bonfire Experience Day 2
Bonfire Experience Day 3
Bonfire Experience Day 4
Bonfire Experience Day 5
Otters have been using pastels on black card to create a bonfire and firework scene in preparation for writing our bonfire poems.  We will use our senses to help us.  We discussed what we could see, hear, taste, smell and feel at a firework display.


PE 1
PE 2
PE 3
PE 4
In PE Otters have been practising balance, coordination and agility.  We had relays to improve our high knees, side stepping, hopping and skipping.  We then applied these skills in a game of 'Rob the Nest' where the children took it in turns to take an 'egg' from the nest and return it to their team.  Everyone had lots of fun!

Number Bonds

Number Bonds 1
Number Bonds 2
Number Bonds 3
Number Bonds 4
This week in Maths we have been learning all about number bonds for numbers up to 10, concentrating on the number 10 in particular.  A number bond is the idea of a number being made of 'parts' which links to the resource we use, a 'Part-Part-Whole' model. For example, if 10 were the whole number then 6 and 4 could be the parts.  It is a really useful skill for the children to know number bonds to 10 off by heart as they can apply this when using larger numbers in the future.  Otters enjoyed finding the matching number bonds in class.  

Well-being Day

Otters have had a fantastic well-being day!  We started off by getting comfy on the carpet and listening to an Autumn story.  We then discussed confidence and the children made posters all about how fantastic they are.  After this, Otters went in to the hall for their yoga session which was lots of fun.  All the positions were linked to the story of Stick Man which we have previously based our English work on.  Next, we went outside and collected leaves, sticks, acorns etc to use on our Autumn pictures.  Finally, we had a mindfulness workshop where we practised listening, grounding and breathing activities which can all help to keep us calm and focused.  In the afternoon, we made 'Buddy Books' where the children wrote positive messages about each other to look at when we are feeling a little down.

Sentence Stacker - All About Me Fact File

Sentence Stacker - All About Me Fact File 1
When learning about each text type in English, we create a class version on our 'Sentence Stacker'.  This helps the children to see what their final piece should look like as well as being an opportunity to display their fantastic ideas.  Over the past two weeks, Year 1 have been learning about fact files and have written one to link with our topic, 'All About Me'.  Otters have worked really hard on these and have enjoyed learning about the features of non-fiction texts.

Taste Test

Taste Test 1
Taste Test 2
Taste Test 3
Taste Test 4
This week in Science we have been testing our taste buds and identifying if a food is sweet, salty, sour or bitter.  The children tried strawberries, crisps, lemon and dark chocolate.  We had mixed responses to the different tastes - particularly the lemon!


Senses 1
Senses 2
Senses 3
Senses 4
Senses 5
Senses 6
Otters have been learning about their senses in Science this week.  We have tested each of our five senses through different activities: touch using a 'feely bag'; taste when eating fruit; hearing through making different noises down a tube; sight when looking through magnifying glasses and smell sniffing hidden ingredients in cups.  We linked our learning with English, describing what we were experiencing using adjectives.  It was lots of fun! 

Stick Man

Stick Man 1
Stick Man 2
Stick Man 3
Stick Man 4
While covering the topic 'This is Me', Otters have been looking at our families.  To link with this, we have been following the story 'Stick Man' where his adventures take him back to his family.  During an Experience Day in English, the children made their own stick person who they then described using lots of different adjectives.

Our First Week!

Our First Week! 1
Our First Week! 2
Our First Week! 3
Otters have had a fantastic first week in Year 1!  I have been so impressed with how grown up the children have been and everyone has worked so hard.  In Maths we have been learning about numbers to 10 and have practised showing numbers in different ways, including using tens frames and cubes.
Welcome to Oatlands Infant School