Welcome to Koalas’ Class!

Class Teacher: Mrs Curran

Welcome to Year 1



The Koalas have use of the library every Monday. Please ensure that your child returns their library book if they would like another. 


Home Readers

When your child has finished a reading book, please write a comment to that effect (or just your initials) in the school planner. If your child wishes to change their book before their guided reading session, please ask them to bring their old book(s) to Mrs Curran to change them. Children can change their books as often as they need to. Please try and read with your child each day, even if it’s only a couple of pages or for a few minutes, every little helps. 


Show and Tell

Every Friday we will send Roxy the koala home with a special book. This is to encourage speaking and listening skills within class. Please encourage your child to draw a picture (or add a photo) to illustrate what you have done at home with Roxy and write a few words or sentences to share their news. 

We also do show and tell on Tuesday and each week, a different group are asked to bring something in to share. 


PE Days

  • Wednesday afternoon
  • Friday afternoon  

Don’t forget to name your PE kit and keep it in school during the week.



Year One children have a daily 20 minute phonics session. Each Monday, this involves a spelling quiz based on what the group has been learning that week and the children also stick in their new spellings to learn.

Koala Class timetable


The children have now finished our Stick Man story. We have been out collecting sticks, making our own stick men and exploring ways to describe movement alongside our writing by pretending to be different types of animals. In science we have been exploring our senses by tasting food, looking through magnifying glasses, listening to voices through tubes, using feely bags to guess what’s inside and smelling various foods. 

Mindfulness Day

We all had a wonderful, relaxing day! We started with ‘socks and books’ where the children could take their shoes off and share a book with a friend. Then we had a visitor who showed us how to use our hearing, sense of feeling and breathing to calm our minds. After that we had Disney piano music on in the background and did some mindfulness colouring. 

We had a wonderful relaxing yoga session in the hall and then went on an autumn walk to get some fresh air and appreciate being outdoors. We collected some leaves, acorns and twigs to create some lovely autumn pictures. To finish the day the children made a ‘buddy book’ to share good thoughts about their class mates. 


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