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Class Teacher: Mrs Curran

While We Can't Hug

A little story to give you some ideas of how to connect with friends and family while you can't give them a hug.

MakeTime2Play App

Some of you may have already discovered this app but I thought it was worth sharing as I think it is fantastic!  It gives you lots and lots of simple activities to try at home that require minimal equipment.  You can select the appropriate age, how many participants (brilliant for children who don't have siblings), if you would like to play indoors or outdoors and even which 'need' you would like to meet.  For example, if your child is struggling emotionally, there are activities that can help them.


Below is the link and some pictures to show you what to expect.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Rainy Day Activities

With the weather taking a turn, we thought it might be useful to have some ideas to keep you entertained on rainy days.  Below is a list of 50 different activities you can do at home when it is wet outside, along with a Lego Challenge that suggests something new for you to build every day for 30 days!

Picture 1
Picture 2


There are some really lovely videos to follow along with available on the Internet, teaching you how to draw.  Below are two links that are proving popular. The first is 'Draw with Rob' who is an artist and the second is 'Bluebellgray' who is an artist and interior designer, she films Instagram Live videos which are only ten minutes long and keeps them on her 'Highlights' for you to access anytime.

Time Capsule

An activity you might like to try over the coming weeks is making your own time capsule.  You can include the pages below or fill it with photos and things that you have made during your time at home, to look back on when you are older.

More Useful Links

Easter Activity Ideas

Home Learning


For those wishing for extra activities and support with writing and maths, below are the links to two websites that we use in school.  The first, The Write Stuff, is how we structure our English lessons and the creator of the scheme is delivering daily writing lessons for all ages via Youtube.  They begin at 9.45am each day.  The second, White Rose Maths, allows you to choose the necessary year group and gives you videos to watch followed by questions to answer.  This will be at 10am every day.  I hope these are helpful!

Your Home Learning


Olivia has been very busy! She did some brilliant folding art, completed a super diary, did a marvellous book review, labelled a lovely purple flower and found out lots about Florence Nightingale. 





Some fantastic folding art! Very well done. 




Romilly continues to keep busy with a sunflower competition, character descriptions, animal sorting and completing the challenge that I set! Yes it made a volcano! 



An amazing story and having lots of fun! 



Lots of fantastic activities here.



A lovely completed jigsaw! Well done!


Another busy koala -  baking, doing a jigsaw and reading amongst many other things! 



Samantha has been very busy doing maths, lots of reading, baton twirling and even continuing her piano lessons online!










Elliot has been doing lots of physical activity including obstacle courses, cycling and running. He's also been busy reading, writing letters and doing maths activities! He's also told me he enjoyed completing a wonderful jigsaw. 



Alice has carried out 4 tests, 4 raw eggs soaked in cola and 3 different types of vinegar. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens to them all! 


And here are the results! 



Romilly has been very busy writing her own books, going for a walk and looking for signs of spring, reading lots and baking!


Welcome to Year 1


Home Readers

When your child has finished a reading book, please write a comment to that effect (or just your initials) in the school planner. If your child wishes to change their book before their guided reading session, please ask them to bring their old book(s) to Mrs Curran to change them. Children can change their books as often as they need to. Please try and read with your child each day, even if it’s only a couple of pages or for a few minutes, every little helps. 


Show and Tell

Every Thursday we will send Roxy the koala home for a week with a special book. This is to encourage speaking and listening skills within class. Please encourage your child to draw a picture (or add a photo) to illustrate what you have done at home with Roxy and write a few words or sentences to share their news. If she could come back to school for the following Thursday ready to go home with the next child, that would be great.  

We also do show and tell on Monday and each week, a different group are asked to bring something in to share. Dates for this half term are Echidnas 2nd March, Emus 9th March, Kookaburras 16th March and Kangaroos 23rd March.


PE Days

  • Wednesday afternoon
  • Friday afternoon  

Don’t forget to name your PE kit and keep it in school during the week.



Year One children have a daily 20 minute phonics session. Each Monday, this involves a spelling quiz based on what the group has been learning that week and the children also stick in their new spellings to learn.

Koala Class timetable



Despite school time in March being cut short, we managed to fit a lot in! We all loved Liz Million and learning how to draw animals. The children looked great in their outfits for World Book Day. We finished off our story from another culture based on Handa’s surprise. We then started a letter based on Dear Greenpeace. We had a lovely time looking at the frogs and frogspawn in the pond and the children had the opprtunity to have a play in the new outdoor area. The Koalas enjoyed some practical maths, learning all about weight, volume and capacity. In DT the children were set a challenge to work in a group to build a strong bridge out of masking tape and newspaper. It was very noisy, messy and enjoyable! In science we have been doing investigations and the children predicted whether orange juice, water or lemonade would be better for our teeth. We put 3 hard boiled eggs in the liquids, waited a week and then had a look to see what had happened to the shell. Needless to say, the egg in water was the winner! 



The children have been very busy in English working on sea creatures, producing a non chronological report and also a poem. They all enjoyed bread and pasta making, especially the part where they got to try what they had made! The church visit was a success. The children acted out a baptism and sang a lovely song with Reverend Kim at the end. All the koalas had a wonderful time with the residents at Larchfield Manor. They all chatted, played games and did wordsearches together. It was lovely to see how confident the children were and how much they enjoyed themselves. 

To begin our writing based on Handa’s surprise we did African dancing and drumming and drew a picture of our favourite fruits. We started our Design Technology project by building bridges out of modelling toys. The children also learnt lots during the mini medics session. They learnt how to put pressure on a wound, who to call in an emergency and how to put someone in a safe position until help arrives. 


We’ve had a very busy month! The children are really enjoying the ‘Fur, Feathers and Fins’ topic. We have been busy writing a story based on Australian animals in English. In Art, the children have been working up to designing and making a 3D animal by making animals out of classroom objects. We all enjoyed our special Australia Day, the children brought in  didgeridoos and also a delicious home made Australian cake! In music we have been finding the pulse and listening to different styles of music. We also had a special visitor who came in to talk about Chinese New Year and the children enjoyed trying prawn crackers. 


The children have been very busy this month! They enjoyed writing a recount based on Traction man and some fantastic language was used. We have been busy learning about 2D and 3D shape and then moved on to numbers up to 20. The children decided what to spend their cake stall money on, many thanks to everyone that baked and helped out on the day. They have also designed, created and evaluated a pop up toy. We had a great time during our Christmas party and a very special visitor at the end! We are now ready for a lovely Christmas break. 


The children spent the first week back writing a super bonfire poem based on their senses. The week ended with a very successful cake sale. Thank you to everyone who contributed their time and cakes! In science we have started our topic on materials by looking at different objects and discussing what material they are made of. The children enjoyed doing a material hunt in the classroom. In English, our story will be based on Pinocchio. To start off, we learnt about different types of puppets and watched a shadow puppet show. The children then used hand and finger puppets to make up a story. On 11th November, the Koalas had a very special visitor. Florrie’s dad came in to talk about Remembrance Day and did a great job of answering lots of questions. 

During Maths week, the children went outside and used beanbags to do lots of active counting by throwing the beanbags and counting in 2s and 10s. For Children in Need, the children took part in the Joe Wicks morning move which certainly woke them up! 


The children loved writing their own version of ‘The tiger who came for tea’. We made tiger masks and puppets of the characters. The children worked really hard on their own versions of the story with some fantastic results. In science we continued to learn about the human body by naming body parts. The children also used the greater than, less than and equal to symbols to compare numbers. 

Mindfulness Day

We all had a wonderful, relaxing day! We started with ‘socks and books’ where the children could take their shoes off and share a book with a friend. Then we had a visitor who showed us how to use our hearing, sense of feeling and breathing to calm our minds. After that we had Disney piano music on in the background and did some mindfulness colouring. 

We had a wonderful relaxing yoga session in the hall and then went on an autumn walk to get some fresh air and appreciate being outdoors. We collected some leaves, acorns and twigs to create some lovely autumn pictures. To finish the day the children made a ‘buddy book’ to share good thoughts about their class mates. 



The children have now finished our Stick Man story. We have been out collecting sticks, making our own stick men and exploring ways to describe movement alongside our writing by pretending to be different types of animals. In science we have been exploring our senses by tasting food, looking through magnifying glasses, listening to voices through tubes, using feely bags to guess what’s inside and smelling various foods. 

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