Welcome to Koalas’ Class!

Class Teacher: Mrs Curran

Welcome to Year 1



The Koalas have use of the library every Monday. Please ensure that your child returns their library book if they would like another. 


Home Readers

When your child has finished a reading book, please write a comment to that effect (or just your initials) in the school planner. If your child wishes to change their book before their guided reading session, please ask them to bring their old book(s) to Mrs Curran to change them. Children can change their books as often as they need to. Please try and read with your child each day, even if it’s only a couple of pages or for a few minutes, every little helps. 


Show and Tell

Every Thursday we will send a class toy home with a special book. This is to encourage speaking and listening skills within class. Please encourage your child to draw a picture (or add a photo) to illustrate what you have done at home with the class toy and write a few words or sentences to share their news.


PE Days

  • Wednesday afternoon
  • Friday afternoon  

Don’t forget to name your PE kit and keep it in school during the week.



Year One children have a daily 20 minute phonics session in a group appropriate to the ‘phase’ in which they are working. Each Monday, this involves a spelling quiz based on what the group has been learning that week and the children also stick in their new spellings to learn.

Koala Class timetable

A response from the Queen!

During our ‘Come on England’ topic, the children wrote letters to the Queen; today- the very last day of term, we received a response! The children were very excited and pleased. What a wonderful end to the school year. 

Picture 1

Airport Day

Ripley Castle 

We all had a great time at Ripley Castle, the children enjoyed the tour of the castle, it was very interesting and engaging. The children also sketched the castle before lunch. After lunch we went on walk in the pleasure garden to identify trees and plants. Thank you to parents who were able to help out. Safe to say we were tired but happy and glad the trip was on a Friday! 

Sports Day and bean planting

All the children had a great afternoon at sports day. The weather was perfect and they all did so well! We also planted beans this week. We are going to keep a bean diary for the next 4 weeks and see how fast they grow. We used recycled milk cartons to plant them in so kind to the environment and cost friendly too. We also finished our adventure story which I can now reveal was based on a book called ‘Weslandia’ by Paul Fleischman. 



It’s been a short and busy half term! The children are enjoying their tennis lessons on a Friday and it’s wonderful to see the progress they have made already. We have written our own amazing class version of ‘The Queen’s Hat’ which kept us busy for 3 weeks. The children decided what they would like to spend the cake stall money on and have been enjoying playing with their new games and toys. We have also investigated which material would make the most comfortable crown and most of us agreed that tin foil was the winner! 

Lego and Easter Bonnets 

The children enjoyed Lego day where they worked in pairs to build a house. Then they built  their own creation to go towards a big Lego city. All the children worked really well together and had a wonderful time. I was so impressed with all of the effort that went into the Easter Bonnets, they were amazing! I thought the parade was fantastic and the children did really well. 


A very busy start to the month. We have finished our non fiction page on how to look after pets. On Friday we all dressed in our favourite colours to celebrate the autistic spectrum. The koala class looked amazing! On Friday afternoon, Zoolab came to see us along with a python, a frog, a giant snail, a tarantula and a rat. The children asked lots of questions about the animals and could stroke or hold the snake, snail and rat. 

Larchfield Manor 

Another lovely morning out at Larchfield Manor. The children and residents had a wonderful time. 

Larchfield Manor

We had a wonderful visit to Larchfield Manor this week. The children and residents thoroughly enjoyed themselves. 

Guinea Pigs!


In English, as part of our animal topic we are going to write a report on how to look after a pet. On Monday morning, we had two very special visitors called Jack and Lily, along with Arthur’s mum who is a very knowledgeable pet owner. The children learnt all about how to look after guinea pigs, what they like to eat, what kind of cage to keep them in and how to keep them clean. 

Story stacker

Our latest class effort to write our own version of ‘Wombat goes walkabout’. 

Picture 1

A very busy first week back!


We started the first week back with a very interesting and fun RE day. We learnt about Judaism in the morning where we decorated a box and made items to get ready for Shabbat. In the afternoon we learnt more about Islam and we had a very special helper who came to talk to us about Ramadan. The children had the opportunity to look at the Qu’ran and admire a beautiful prayer mat. To finish, the children could try a date if they wanted to. The children made a long paper chain full of good deeds. We enjoyed sharing what we’d learnt in assembly at the end of the day. 

World Book Day was a success with lots of fantastic costumes! To finish the week, 3 children from our class received prizes for the Reading Challenge competition! One came in second place, one received a prize for reading the furthest away from school and one was for reading in so many varied places! 



The children have certainly been busy over the last couple of weeks! We started off our story based on Handa’s surprise with a fun experience day and the story is now finished. In French, the children have been learning a song called ‘Jean Petit qui danse’ and they loved practising it in the hall with Mrs Whitehouse. 

Spring term


The children have finished writing our non fiction page about healthy eating and are very proud of it.  They all wrote their own page independently too. In PE we have been pretending to be monkeys and have been learning about static balance and mirroring. In RE the children had a fun afternoon building models of mosques and churches. The children are also enjoying their outdoor sessions with Mrs Sparks where they have been practising ball skills and using chalks to plan a healthy meal. 

 Fruit kebabs


This week the children loved making the fruit kebabs that they designed. They chopped the fruit into suitable sizes by themselves and after putting the fruit on the kebab stick, thoroughly enjoyed eating them!

First week back


We’ve had a busy first week back! We have started our new topic ‘Food glorious food’ by learning about where fruit comes from and how to stay healthy. In English we set up the classroom like a bus and went on a ‘journey’. We then wrote down what we could see, hear, touch and smell on our journey to help us with our writing next week. In French the children enjoyed being Kings and Queens as they learnt about ‘Les galettes des rois’. 

Picture 1
Picture 2



We had a lovely time at our Christmas party and enjoyed a yummy lunch. We also had a very special visitor in the afternoon! We also finished writing our recount of Traction Man. 



This week we have learnt about how Islamic babies are welcomed into the world. We tried coconut ice and whispered to each other so we could enjoy a similar experience to the babies. After 3 weeks of hard work, we have finally finished our class version of Pinocchio! We also planted 3 trees in the environmental area as part of a whole school project. 

Our first half term


Koalas have had a very busy first half term. The children have settled into the new routine brilliantly and have worked very hard!


We have been spotting early signs of Autumn by looking at our class tree. We had a lot of fun following our own instructions on how to make a jam sandwich in English. We have enjoyed painting portraits and learning how to mix colours in Art. In PE we have been learning about balance and challenged ourselves by balancing on one foot, with hoops and beanbags balanced on our heads and with our eyes closed for 30 seconds!

We hope you all have a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing you back on Tuesday 3rd September.