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Welcome to Year 1


General Information


Home Readers

When your child has finished a reading book, please write a comment to that effect (or your initials) in the school planner.  We aim to give the children the opportunity to change their books most days. They will take part in a whole class guided reading lessons throughout the week, as well as one to one reading with the teacher, teaching assistants and volunteers.  At home, please try to listen to or read to your child each day.



Tuesday (hall)

Wednesday (outdoors) 



Year One children have a whole class daily 25 minute phonics session. Each Monday, this involves a spelling quiz based upon the previous week’s learning and the children receive their new spellings.



While We Can't Hug

A little story to give you some ideas of how to connect with friends and family while you can't give them a hug.

MakeTime2Play App

Some of you may have already discovered this app but I thought it was worth sharing as I think it is fantastic!  It gives you lots and lots of simple activities to try at home that require minimal equipment.  You can select the appropriate age, how many participants (brilliant for children who don't have siblings), if you would like to play indoors or outdoors and even which 'need' you would like to meet.  For example, if your child is struggling emotionally, there are activities that can help them.


Below is the link and some pictures to show you what to expect.

Picture 1
Picture 2
We know you've all been busy little Hedgehogs doing lots of learning and having lots of fun at home!  Here are a few photos of what some of you have been up to.

Rainy Day Activities

With the weather taking a turn, we thought it might be useful to have some ideas to keep you entertained on rainy days.  Below is a list of 50 different activities you can do at home when it is wet outside, along with a Lego Challenge that suggests something new for you to build every day for 30 days!

Picture 1
Picture 2


There are some really lovely videos to follow along with available on the Internet, teaching you how to draw.  Below are two links that are proving popular. The first is 'Draw with Rob' who is an artist and the second is 'Bluebellgray' who is an artist and interior designer, she films Instagram Live videos which are only ten minutes long and keeps them on her 'Highlights' for you to access anytime.

Time Capsule

An activity you might like to try over the coming weeks is making your own time capsule.  You can include the pages below or fill it with photos and things that you have made during your time at home, to look back on when you are older.

More Useful Links

Easter Activity Ideas

Home Learning


For those wishing for extra activities and support with writing and maths, below are the links to two websites that we use in school.  The first, The Write Stuff, is how we structure our English lessons and the creator of the scheme is delivering daily writing lessons for all ages via Youtube.  They begin at 9.45am each day.  The second, White Rose Maths, allows you to choose the necessary year group and gives you videos to watch followed by questions to answer.  This will be at 10am every day.  I hope these are helpful!

Hedgehog Class Timetable

Book Week

Larchfield Manor

Mini First Aid, February 2020

Pasta and Bread Making with Mike from Mellor's, February 2020

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas! 1

Victorian Day, 25th November 2019

Our school is currently closed to the majority of pupils. Please contact us by email if required