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At Oatlands Infant School, we aim to provide children with all the skills to become creative, confident and fluent readers and writers; so that they may enter the wider world as thoughtful and vocal individuals.


Through the use of ‘The Write Stuff’ and ‘Hooked on Books’ approaches, children explore high quality texts, experience high quality teaching which is modelled by experienced staff. Children then embed their knowledge through individual and collaborative work in order to achieve their best.


We use the Hooked on Books approach in order to develop a positive and successful reading curriculum where every learner has the opportunity to develop their reading skills through the process of talking about their experiences, then discussing the meaning of words and finally to then comprehend the content of a text. By doing so, all learners, no matter how capable, have the chance to share their experiences and knowledge in a whole class setting. The teaching method ensures that all learners are active participants in lessons and collaboration is encouraged.

Again, by teaching writing through The Write Stuff method, again, children work collaboratively, are able to share and ‘pinch’ the best vocabulary and then apply this independently. Teaching through a ‘ping pong’ method, where teachers share their expert knowledge and vocabulary allows children to use these new words themselves- with the added joy of them believing that they themselves thought of the word. To hear such rich vocabulary in lessons which are fast paced and inclusive, allows all learners to make progress on a word, comprehension and sentence construction level. 

Articulation of Phonemes

A useful video clip showing the correct 'pure' pronounciation of phonemes (units of sound). When we pronounce the phonemes (letter sounds) correctly, it helps the children to be able to blend for reading more accurately.

Our school is currently closed to the majority of pupils. Please contact us by email if required