We have achieved ECO-School Silver Award

The ECO Council are pleased to announce that we have achieved the ECO-Schools Silver Award. To achieve this we had to meet certain criteria, some of which is listed below.


  • We have an active ECO Council who meets at least once every 3 weeks which comprises of both pupils and adults
  • We keep records of all our meetings
  • The Eco-Schools programme is focused on nine key topics which our ECO Council has looked at and talked about. These are: Energy, Water, Biodiversity, School grounds, Healthy living, Transport, Litter, Waste, Global citizenship
  • An action plan has been put together and is available for the whole school to look at
  • The school has covered some environmental issues within curriculum work
  • There is an ECO Council display board.
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Litter Pick ~ Keep Britain Tidy

Oatlands Infant School ECO Council and School Council will be taking part part in a Big Tidy Up project as part of Keep Britain Tidy. This is a great way to teach young people about the problem of litter in their local environment. We will start by having a meeting to discuss the difference between waste and litter. Organising a tidy up will be made easier thanks to the Big Tidy Up kit, which will include full instructions on what we need to do and how we need to do it.

A group of children, staff members and 16 children and a parent volunteer will go on an organised litter pick. We will walk along Cromwell Road, Grey Street, Russell Street and then into the Recreation Field beside school. We will also go into the small wooded area at the bottom of the recreation field. In the past we have found quite a varied selection of litter which amounted to 9 bags. We are hoping that the next litter pick will be equally as successful. 

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Terry the Turtle

Terry the Turtle is the ECO Council Mascot and is awarded to the class which;

  • Just uses what they need and does not create waste.
    Put lids back on pens so they don’t dry out!
    Put lids back on glue stick so they don’t dry out!
  • Don’t waste paper
    Only use the paper you need
    Don't print something unless you really need it
    Put used paper in the recycle box.
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Our school is currently closed to the majority of pupils. Please contact us by email if required