At Oatlands Infant School every child matters. We are passionate about early childhood development and the importance of fostering a life-long love of learning in young children. We want every one of our children to achieve their very best and to flourish into confident, inquisitive, articulate, resilient, tolerant and happy learners. 


To achieve this we have tailor-made a curriculum for our children that: 


Values everyone. Our curriculum provides every child with equal access to a rich, broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum matched well to their age, ability, interests, attitudes and special needs. 


Ensures Academic Success. Our curriculum is designed to increase pupil's knowledge, skills and understanding as they grow and develop. We have looked beyond the National Curriculum statements to plan for opportunities to deepen subject knowledge and skills whilst embedding earlier learning to it becomes fixed into our children's long term memory. 


Engages our children. We offer lots of exciting first-hand opportunities and experiences across the curriculum which extends our children's creative learning, challenges their imagination and motivates them to want to learn. 


Is practical. Our curriculum provides pupils with lots of practical opportunities to problem solve and reason, supporting our children to become active, resilient learners. 


Enriches language. Our curriculum is carefully planned and structured to ensure that children make at least good progress in their development of their language with the learning of new vocabulary at the core of everything we teach. 


Celebrates our world. Our curriculum is designed to open our children's eyes in awe and wonder and to cause them to marvel at the incredible and fantastic world in which we live. We want our pupils to be open minded, well informed and articulate enough to express their own views and opinions. 


Fosters all talents. Our curriculum is designed to enable all pupils to develop their talents, skills and a love of learning. 


Celebrates diversity. At Oatlands Infant School, we are proud to be part of a rich, culturally diverse country. Embedded in our curriculum are opportunities to teach our children to celebrate, respect and appreciate other cultures. 


Promotes resilience. We are passionate about developing lifelong independence and resilience through a growth mind-set approach. We want all of our pupils to flourish and emerge as confident global citizens who can overcome the obstacles that life can present. 

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