Car Parking and Personal Accident Insurance

Personal accident insurance

Parents should be aware that the County Council does not carry personal accident insurance in respect of pupils.


Car parking

We encourage children to walk, cycle or scooter to school and a parking area is available for bikes and scooters.

We are unable to provide car parking for parents bringing children to school.  Roadside parking is very limited and we urge that every care and consideration is shown when parking. Any visitors with special access arrangements are advised to contact the school in advance of their visit so that appropriate action can be put in place such as ensuring the gate can be opened for them.  Please give due consideration to our neighbours and ensure that parked cars do not cause an obstruction to the entrance to the back-lanes, drive-ways or garages.


You must not park on the double yellow or zig-zag lines.

Interested in visiting our school? We conduct regular small group tours. If you would like to join one, call 01423 871036 to arrange.