Behaviour in School


We wish all children in school to have a strong sense of what is right and wrong. We encourage self discipline and foster respect for each other to make the school and community a safe place in which to live and learn. We believe in close liaison with the home in support of our behaviour policy.

School rules are kept to a minimum:

  • No Sweets in School
  • Glass bottles must not be brought into school
  • Walk in School
  • Go through the gate only with an adult
  • Play safely in the playground without climbing

Children are also involved in drawing up their own code of behaviour which is displayed in their classrooms.



We support the children in achieving positive results in both their work and play through the use of stickers which may be given to your child by the class teacher, teaching assistants or Mrs Anderson. Children who have done something particularly well are encouraged to share their work with another member of staff or Mrs Anderson.

We also have a celebratory assembly each week during which children who have been nominated for a ‘Pat on the Back’ receive a certificate and sticker.

We celebrate attendance at the end of each year – those children who have achieved 100% attendance receive a certificate.



A child who finds following rules difficult will be given a warning. Should they continue to not follow the rules they will be given time out to consider their behaviour. If poor behaviour continues they may be asked to work with another class or be sent to discuss their behaviour with Mrs Anderson.

If a child continues to have problems following the expectations set by the school, we will have a meeting with their parents to discuss how best to help the child change the way in which they behave.



We take any allegations of bullying or racial harassment extremely seriously. Incidents will be dealt with according to our anti-bullying and behaviour management policies.

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