Behaviour in School


We wish all children in school to have a strong sense of what is right and wrong. We encourage self discipline and foster respect for each other to make the school and community a safe place in which to live and learn. We believe in close liaison with the home in support of our behaviour policy.

Our School Rules:

  • We are always gentle
  • We are always kind
  • We always work hard
  • We always respect each other and everything
  • We are always honest
  • We are always polite



All adults in our school have a shared responsibility for encouraging positive behaviour amongst our children.  This includes:

  • Specific Praise - Encouraging good behaviour through the use of specific praise.
  • Class Stars - Class stars are given when the whole class have demonstrated good behaviour and/or collaborative and cooperative working.  Once they have 25 stars they can have a reward of their choice.
  • Weekly Certificates - These are nominated by teachers and given out in a weekly celebration assembly. The children are given a sticker and a certificate
  • Visits to other teachers/Headteacher - Teachers send children to see other teachers and/or the headteacher to share any particularly good work or evidence of good behaviour.
  • Star of the day - At the end of the day two children are chosen who have demonstrated good behaviour to become the star of the day the following day.  The children will wear a medal for the day.
  • Golden Cloud - If a child remains on the green traffic light all week then they get to go on the Golden Cloud and receive a golden sticker on a Friday to take home.



  • The school has a traffic light system where all children begin the day on ‘Green’.  If unacceptable behaviour occurs, the children are initially given their first warning and their initials are written on the whiteboard.
  • If unacceptable behaviour persists the child’s name will be moved to ‘Amber’ and be given a time out on the ‘Thinking Chair’ with a five minute timer.  The child will be asked to apologise for their behaviour before leaving the chair.
  • If the unacceptable behaviour continues the child’s name will be moved to ‘Red’ and sent to the Headteacher with a red post it that explains the reasons why. The child will then miss their playtime on a spot in the playground outside the staffroom. If a child in Reception is on red they miss 10 minutes of their independent learning time. Parents will be informed at the end of the day.
  • Sometimes the behaviour will be severe and children will bypass the warning to go straight to ‘Red’.



We take any allegations of bullying or racial harassment extremely seriously. Incidents will be dealt with according to our anti-bullying and behaviour management policies.

Our school is currently closed to the majority of pupils. Please contact us by email if required