Reports and Assessments

Reporting to parents

In the Autumn and Spring terms there will be chance for you to discuss your child’s progress with their class teacher. At the end of the Summer term you will receive an end of year report. This will give you an update of the progress your child has made. Should you wish to discuss this further with your child’s class teacher an appointment can be made.


End of key stage assessments

All children in England and Wales are assessed during their time in school so that staff can measure each child’s progress and plan work which enables each child to achieve their learning potential.

During your child’s time in the Reception class observations are made of their interests, achievements and progress. This information is used to form the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile, a document which enables both you as parents and the Year 1 teacher to understand the level at which your child is working. It is also used to report on progress made by each child to the Local Authority (North Yorkshire) and the Department for Education (DfE).


Throughout Year 1 and Year 2 children’s achievements are recorded and at the end of each year assessments are made which consider the children’s knowledge and understanding of the KS1 programmes of study.     In Year 2 the results of English reading and mathematics tests are taken into account within the final assessment that teachers make. Children are considered to be working towards or at the standard expected for their age, or working at greater depth within the curriculum.

At the end of Key Stage 1 the results of these teacher assessments are reported to parents, the Local Authority and the DfE.

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