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Everything we do in school is planned with these aims in mind.

We aim to:

  • Create a happy, secure and welcoming school environment.
  • Provide a broad and exciting curriculum to cater for the needs and talents of every child.
  • Include and value all children.
  • Enable children to grow as independent, life-long learners, achieving the highest possible standards.
  • Work with parents and carers to ensure an effective home-school partnership.
  • Encourage children to be caring and courteous members of our school, our local and global communities.
  • Promote our children’s understanding of and respect for the environment.
  • Help children to make a positive contribution in society.
  • Develop our children’s knowledge of and respect for other cultures and customs.
  • Guide our children to make healthy life-style choices.

British Values at Oatlands Infant School

Oatlands Infant School is committed to working closely and in harmony with its community and celebrating the diversity of the UK. We aim to prepare children for life in modern Britain and to ensure that our school ethos, curriculum and approaches to teaching and learning reflect and promote British values.

We recognise that these values are not exclusive to being British and that they have come to be accepted throughout the democratic world as the method of creating an orderly society in which individual members can feel safe, valued and can contribute to for the good of themselves and others.

We work alongside our local community and recognise the variety of religious beliefs within it. We take children outside the school to take part in local events and meet different members of the community to appreciate the valuable contributions they make.

We take opportunities to:

  • acknowledge, celebrate and commemorate national events and anniversaries related to key events in Britain’s past
  • engage with international sporting events and find out more about the countries that host them
  • support a number of charities that are selected by the children and arrange fundraising events
  • invite members of the local community to our school events, including local senior members of the community who are invited for harvest celebrations
  • celebrate traditional aspects of British life, such as maypole dancing and harvest celebrations

We understand the role that our school has in helping prevent radicalisation and supporting our children in developing a world view recognising Britain’s place within it. The four British values are:

  • democracy
  • the rule of law
  • individual liberty
  • mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

Click on this link for more details about how each British value is embedded in our school.

To read our schools vision and strategy please click the following link.  Vision and Strategy

The Mission Statement for Yorkshire Causeway Schools Trust:

“Where everyone is valued and respected, where we share commitment to education that is ambitious, setting the highest expectations and where integrity is the foundation.”