Our Rules

Our Golden Rules

  • We are always gentle.
  • We are always kind.
  • We always work hard.
  • We always look after property.
  • We are always honest.
  • We are always polite.



Our Eco-Rules

E = Everyone
C = Cares at
O = Oatlands


As an Eco-School we pledge to…

  1. Always put litter in the bin.
  2. Recycle paper, cardboard, batteries and mobile phones.
  3. Use sustainable bags wherever possible.
  4. Always put our fruit cores (apart from oranges) banana skins, tea bags, dead flowers and dead plants in the compost bin or wormery.
  5. Only use one paper towel.
  6. Switch off lights and computers.
  7. Switch off taps.
  8. Use both sides of a piece of paper.
  9. Reduce our carbon footprint.
  10. Look after and care for our plants both in the gardens and planters.
  11. Spread our message from the school to the community.
Applying for a Primary School place or transfer to Junior school, see our 'Latest News' page for full details. Application deadline is 15th January 2019.