Lunch Menus

We have lunchtime supervisors to care for the children. We encourage children to be independent so your child will be allowed to decide when they have had enough to eat.

If your child does have eating problems or allergies please talk to Mrs Anderson or your child’s teacher.


School meals

School meals are prepared on the premises. They are served in the school hall by the Catering Manager (Miss Agar) and the catering assistant (Mrs Bussey). Meals for all Infant School children are currently provided free of charge through the Universal Free School Meal system.

There is the opportunity for families to apply for the school to claim Pupil Premium Funding. This is determined by family income and benefit details. Please contact the office for more details.


Packed lunches

If you would prefer, your child may bring a packed lunch. Your child’s lunchbox will need to be labelled. Any uneaten food will be sent home so that you can see if you are sending too much. All drinks need to be in an unbreakable container with a screw top lid. Fizzy drinks, chocolates and sweets are not allowed because we wish to teach your child how to care for their teeth.

Please do not send any nut products in your child’s lunchbox as we have some children in school with nut allergies.


Lunchtime playtimes

After eating their lunch (or before in the case of the Year 2 children), children will play in the playground. Children are encouraged to play games with each other and toys such as skipping ropes and balls are made available for them.

We do have some clubs which staff run at lunchtime, these are currently: calligraphy, art, school newspaper and Spanish.


Spring Term Menu 3 - week beginning 8th Apr 2019

Summer Term Menu 1 - week beginning 29th Apr, 20th May, 17th Jun, 8th Jul 2019

Summer Term Menu 2 - week beginning 6th May, 3rd Jun, 24th Jun, 15th Jul 2019

Summer Term Menu 3 - week beginning 13th May, 10th Jun, 1st Jul 2019

We still have spaces for September 2019. Give us a ring to make an appointment to have a look around on 01423 871036