Children join our school at the beginning of the academic year in which they have their fifth birthday. Children are admitted to school over the first two weeks of the term. Parents are given the option of letting their child attend on a part-time basis until the end of the Autumn term. Applications for a place in school must be made through the North Yorkshire County Council Admissions office where we follow their admission policy below. An information sheet is available in school giving details of the application process.

Parents are very welcome to come into school to have a look around prior to making an application. Please contact the school office to make arrangements for such a visit.


Preliminary visits

Pre-school children are invited into school for a half-day familiarisation visit during the term prior to admission. This visit is very important for the children as it enables them to meet the adults who will be working with them and the other children in their class. Prior to this parents will have been invited to an information evening when they can meet their child’s teacher.


The Reception teachers also visit many of the local pre-schools to enable the children to get to know them before they join our school.


Transfer to Junior School

Children normally transfer from the Infant School to Oatlands Junior School. There is an admissions procedure which cannot guarantee places at the Junior School but traditionally most families who wish to transfer are allocated places. Applications for a place at the Junior School are made through the North Yorkshire County Council Admissions office. There is close liaison between the two schools.  Members of staff meet regularly and engage in joint training sessions. The Year 2 children visit the Junior School on a number of occasions in their final year at the Infant School as a means of preparing them for their new school and familiarising them with the building, routines and staff.




Applying for a Primary School place or transfer to Junior school, see our 'Latest News' page for full details. Application deadline is 15th January 2019.